Some of the most special things of our life happen at “Quatrepams” of the floor


An experience where participants disconnect from their routine, living special moments, through good gastronomy.

From Quatrepams we offer unique gastronomic experiences, in special locations. An innovative concept that combines in harmony with the exclusive needs of each client.

Committed gastronomic offer

Gastronomy is the cornerstone on which our entire proposal revolves. We have a high-level gastronomic offer, proven and based on local and/or organic products. We are committed to suppliers and merchants in the area, to guarantee their product in our offer and to be faithful to a philosophy of making known local products unknown to the general public.

Unique locations

We organize our events thinking about a unique global experience, where gastronomy coexists in perfect harmony with the place where it is going to be enjoyed. Whether in the client’s private facilities, or in any of the spectacular locations in our catalogue, carefully selected to complete an unforgettable memory.

Participatory experiences

We include activities that complete the overall experience. Among them, we are especially excited by those aimed at the active participation of customers, turning them into absolute protagonists. Such as, a “master class” where they cook their own food, or an artisan cheese production workshop, to give two examples.

We are very close to you,
less than a span.

So close that do not hesitate to contact us for anything. You can do it by phone, by email, using this form or through our Social Networks. We will be happy to answer any questions or curiosity you may have.

And if you want, we can sit at a table, four feet from the ground and plan an unforgettable experience.

Tel: (+34) 605 629 229

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